Inline Shower Doors

We offer three types of inline enclosures. 


- Type 12 (swing door and fixed panel)


This type is our ageless best seller. It is necessary to know that the hinged side (where the door is hinged off) must have a strong wood support behind the tiles. 


- Type 212 (panel, swing door and another panel)


Do you want to have your swing door installaed between two fixed panels? No problem! This type is right for you. 


Because glass panel on its own is not strong enough to hold the door we offer two solutions:


-   Header across the top.

-   Fixed panel that is holding the door can go all the way up to the ceiling.


-  SL12 (fixed panel and sliding door)


This type would be the best solution for those who are short of space in the bathroom or just do not feel like having a swing door. We offer two different type of hardware (see the pictures).